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Two-family houses line the west side of the right of way. These houses are different in style, compared to the houses on the east side of the right of way.

An interesting device.  It is really hard to tell what this once was, but it looks to be some sort of mechanical signal.  This signal would have been positioned vertically along the tracks.  Now, it lies toppled-over on what was once the rail road tracks.

Oldnyc.com contributor Chip Ordway adds this very interesting information to what this device once was: "Being a signal collector, I was interested in the photo of the signaling equipment that's pictured between Yellowstone Blvd. and Metropolitan Ave. The equipment pictured is the remains of an old style PRR block signal -- the same kind that are still in use by the LIRR today. When standing, these signals stood about about 15 or so feet tall. In the picture, you are looking at the signal from "The top downward". The pinnacle can be seen -- it's the tip of the pole that looks kinda like a Hershey's Kiss. The metal that looks like a grill off of a barbque is actually where the signal maintainer would stand after climbing the ladder. The straps of metal between the platform and the pinnacle are the rails to keep the signalman from falling off.  The metal "star", or, if you will, the pipes coming off of the junction box, are the remains of the anchors for the position lights. From what it looks like, this was a full aspect signal, so there were a total of 7 lights on this frame--Three across horizontally, one at 12 o'clock, one a 6 o'clock, 1 at 1:30, and 1 at 7:30. With these 7 lights, the three different aspects could be shown: Clear, caution, restricted.
The "tower" that is fallen down looks like a two  tiered signal base. The wiring and the relays for the signal would be in
these compartments."

This picture shows a close-up view of the electrical equipment that was used in the signal.  Can you believe that there are still wires in the switch?!  This thing has to be over fifty years old, and the wire cables are still in fairly good condition (at least in appearance, don't know how they would conduct electricity, though!).  Notice the screws that connect the wires to the switch.

"The picture with the terminal block is actually the junction box that all of the lights were wired to. If one wants to see what one of these things looks like up close, the best place to go is to Mineola, where the two signals for the Oyster Bay Branch are almost at eye level at the north side of the platform.", adds Oldnyc.com Chip Ordway.

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