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A view looking south on the northbound platform.  Leaves, branches, and other debris are situated on the platform.

Another exit to Atlantic Avenue.  This staircase goes down to Atlantic Avenue's westbound side of the street.  The exit is sealed-up with bricks.

Oldnyc.com contributor Anthony German adds this important information to the discussion: "There is another thing that should be mentiontioned: the old Atlantic Avenue station also provided as a transfer point by means of a (now disused) subway station located along the underground LIRR line which runs under Atlantic Avenue.  People would just get off at the Atlantic Avenue station, walk downstairs to the LIRR stop and catch their train.  The abandoned station belonged to the LIRR.  It is still there now, but just located underground along Atlantic Avenue directly below the Abandoned ROW.  It can only be seen from passing LIRR trains on the Atlantic Branch heading either direction."

This is the southern end of the northbound platform.  The large metal wall separates the edge of the platform with a school bus company parking lot.  Like some of the other parking lots that we have come across while walking along the ROW, the school bus parking lot has been illegally built on state and city land.

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