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Here is the front view of the brick staircase exit, located at the end of the Woodhaven Station platform.  At one time, the yellow brick work must have looked very quaint.  Vandals have added their own artwork, in the form of graffiti, to the bricks.

A view of Atlantic Avenue, looking west.  Under Atlantic Avenue runs the current LIRR Atlantic branch.  This particular segment of the branch runs from Flatbush Avenue station to Jamaica station.

Behind the white buildings on the right, there is a school bus parking lot.  There is a tunnel that ran from the eastbound Atlantic branch to the Rockaway Beach branch.  This was a service tunnel for routing trains between the branches.  The tunnel starts after the white building, by the trees that line the eastbound segment of Atlantic Avenue.  The ROW had to rise out of the tunnel from the Atlantic branch in order to meet the elevated Rockaway Beach branch.  The tunnel has since been closed.  A Subtalk member said that the last time that the tunnel was used was in the early 1950's.

This is the old Rockaway Beach power station which once powered the railroad's third rail, signals, and other electrical devices.  The station is located on the south side of Atlantic Avenue.

The electrical cables and power lines have been removed from the electrical towers, and line connections to the power station have been severed.

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