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The Woodhaven Station Picture Gallery is the largest photo gallery on the Rockaway Beach Virtual Tour.  The reason is simple: the Woodhaven Station area has some of the most interesting artifacts of this abandoned line.  Woodhaven Station is the only remaining cement elevated station that is still in-tact.  Other stations, like the Brooklyn Manor station and the Parkside Station, have been dismantled and removed many years ago.  Maybe the reason why the Woodhaven Station remains in existence is that the majority of the station is situated on the trestle that rises above Atlantic Avenue.  Taking apart this station would require the dismantling of the train trestle, something that is very costly to do.  So, the station remains as it provides a reminder of the line that once was.

This is the northbound platform.  The station railings are still in-place, and the platform cement is in very good condition (a little messy, but structurally sound).  The stairs have been removed from the staircase, so that one must jump-up to explore the platform.

This is remnants of an old signal tower that resides along the southbound platform of the Woodhaven Station.

One of many station lights that line the southbound platform.  The poles arc gracefully in the air, as they once illuminated the platforms for railroad patrons.

The "light caps" are missing from the light poles. There is one light pole that still has it's light cap, as we will soon see...

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