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From the Archives of the James Guthrie Collection

All Photos and Maps represented in this gallery courtesy of James Guthrie.

James Guthrie, special contributor to Oldnyc.com, shares with us his thoughts and several of these old pictures of the Ozone Park Station:

"I came across these snapshots of Ozone Park that I thought Oldnyc.com visitors might find of interest.  They were taken in the spring of 1964 on a dreary gray day while I was on Easter Vacation from High School. The first picture was taken looking north on the eastbound platform."

"This is what was left of Ozone Tower.  Note the edge of the Woodhaven Platform on the right."

"This is a view looking north from under the "spider" signal bridge. We had started climbing the ladder there to get a shot -- but the tower operator on the TA at Liberty Avenue started yelling that he was going to call the cops."

"This Ozone Map is the T&S diagram that accompanied the General Order that completed the construction of the new Woodhaven station in 1941 -- namely, placing tracks 1&2 in service between the east end of the Brooklyn Manor platform to the home signal marked 343 feet east of Ozone Tower."

Note: This image is inherently blurred.  It's tough to make out the writing initially, but if one studies it close enough, one can make out some of the writing. - OldNYC.com Webmaster.

"This was one of the last TDI editions that was issued."

Note: This image is large in size - may take some time to download. - OldNYC.com Webmaster.

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