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A view of Ozone Park Station, showing the utility tower mounted along the platform.

Ozone Park Station served many rail passengers that not only headed for the beaches of the Rockaways, but also those headed to Aqueduct Raceway.  As automobiles became a more popular form of transportation, ridership on the LIRR Rockaway Beach line, destination Aqueduct Raceway, began to slowly decline.

The last train from Flatbush Ave. to Aqueduct Raceway via the Ozone Interlock: September 22, 1955

June 8th, 1962 was the last time that a LIRR train operated on the Rockaway Beach Branch.

To view one of the last Long Island Railroad Ozone Park to New York Pennsylvania Station train schedules, click on this link that will bring you to Richard F. Makse's nelliebly.com website:  www.nelliebly.com/html/ozonepark.htm

"A photograph of Ozone Park Station looking north toward 101 Avenue.  I believe it was taken in 1988.  If you notice, this was taken before the shelters were torn down.", adds Oldnyc.com contributor Neil Sullivan.

Photo courtesy of Neil Sullivan.

Under Ozone Park Station, looking south.  It gets kind of desolate in this area on late Sunday afternoons.

A close-up underneath the southbound platform.

This is an interesting picture.  This is the bottom of the utility tower, as it extends upward in to the platform.  The engineers decided to cut a hole through the platform, and send the utility tower through it.  The utility tower comes in at an angle at this point, and bends in to the inside of the station at ground-level.  The cement roof that is viewable here is actually the base of the platform.

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