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An enterprising school bus company decided to use the ROW to park their buses!!  I don't know whether or not the school bus company leases the land from the City or the State, but it is interesting to see that they used the ROW from Atlantic Avenue to 97th Avenue for their parking lot!  That is quite a bit of property!

Oldnyc.com contributor Neil Sullivan explains: "I remember on my first visit of walking the tracks of the Atlantic Avenue cutoff before the bus company had moved in.  Once the bus company moved in, they slowly started taking land up to 97th Avenue.  As the company expanded, they needed more room so they filled in the tunnel area from the foot of Atlantic Avenue. The entire area where the bus company resides was once railroad property."

Neil also adds: "I wonder who was responsible for knocking down "Ozone" tower which was located south of the southbound platform."

I guess this metal fence along 100th Street is supposed to either hide the school buses, or keep people from straying on to the property.  Either way, we know what is behind the fence!

The Road Less Traveled?  This car apparently didn't make it to it's final destination.  Looks like it had more than just one flat tire. Ummm... somebody going to take care of this?

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