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Standing on top of the Union Turnpike trestle.

The trestle in the background is the LIRR Montauk Branch's trestle over the Turnpike.

Continuing our journey south, we come across another parking lot!!  This lot is a parking lot for an apartment building complex.

While on our journey, the Subtalk Group and I were looked at with inquisitive eyes, as onlookers were wondering if we were surveying the area in order to revitalize the ROW for transit.  "Your beloved parking lot will not be taken away from you.  We are not the MTA, rather we are a tour group," we exclaimed to the bystanders.

Oldnyc.com frequent contributor Jim Guthrie adds some more insight to the parking lot story: "The apartment parking lot was being installed in the mid 1960s when I last walked the right of way. At the time, the poles still carried active wire, since the LIRR used it for sometime after the 1962 abandonment to connect to the substation at Woodhaven -- thus the power lines between Glendale junction and Whitepot preceded installation of track, and then lived beyond abandonment for another dozen years or so."

We just entered Forest Park.  The bridge for the Jackie Robinson (formally known as the Interboro) Parkway crosses the ROW.

The engineers left a lot of room for the railroad ROW underneath the bridge.  Smart planning?

There are no remnants of railroad rails, tracks, or other equipment in this area.

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