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A large utility pole that once carried the wires for the Rockaway Beach line's third rail and signal towers.

Another utility pole, this one shrouded by plant life.

For some reason, the utility poles in this area are spaced very close together.

The trestle over Union Turnpike.  Notice how the "far" trestle appears to come in at an angle.  That trestle was part of a spur that connected the Montauk Branch eastbound tracks to the Rockaway Branch southbound tracks.  The spur is no longer in existence, and there are no traces of the ROW in this area.

This picture was taken from the Rockaway Branch "mainline" track trestle.

Oldnyc.com contributor Derek Stadle provided us with this picture. "Here's a picture of the trestles over Union Turnpike. The one in the foreground is the southwest Rockaway/Montauk connection. The one in the background is the Rockaway Beach ROW."

Oldnyc.com contributor JJ Earl adds to the explanation: "Three overpasses go over Union Turnpike in a short distance. The westernmost is at an angle and carried the connection to the Rockaway Beach Branch.  About ten feet to the east was the Rockaway Beach overpass and a block farther to the east, the Montauk Branch passes overhead."

Picture courtesy of Derek Stadle.

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