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We have come to an unexpected end of the line on the Rockaway Branch!  If one keeps walking south, one will find themselves falling down a twenty-foot embankment, and on to the LIRR Montauk Branch.  Why would this happen??......

... because the bridge is gone!  The Rockaway Branch crossed the Montauk Branch via an old wooden bridge.  Why the engineers did not chose to build the typical steel and cement bridge is a mystery.  Some theorize that the bridge was constructed out of wood to save money.  The railroad probably figured that since the tracks were going over their land and ROWs, they would be able to provide proper security for the bridge.   After the Rockaway Beach line closed, vandals had the last say in the future of the bridge.

This is the southern portion of the bridge.  The wooden planks and support beams that were used for the construction of the bridge appears to be fairly strong for train carrying purposes, but no wooden structure is safe from fire.

It must have been some fire to burn down a structure this large!

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