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We are on our way to the Atlantic Avenue trestle.  As we leave Jamaica Avenue, one can see that the rails and ties have been removed from this area.  The ROW is now a clear path, unobstructed by trees and bushes.

This area once served the Brooklyn Manor station.  This station was an elevated wooden station, that was once located south of Jamaica Avenue.

Brooklyn Manor station has since been removed from the site.

Oldnyc.com contributor Frank McNeirney adds this interesting entertainment tidbit: "During the 1920s, the legendary actress Mae West resided not far from the Brooklyn Manor Station of the Rockaway Branch, and regularly used the LIRR on her trips to and from Manhattan."

An old signal tower is found on the western spur of the RR ROW.  The tower is rusted-out, but it still retains the signal mount bracket.

Neil Sullivan, an Oldnyc.com frequent contributor, has this following piece of information to share with us: "The stations at Parkside and Brooklyn Manor were made of wood rather than concrete.  That is why there is no trace of them at trackside.  It has been said that these stations were scaled back from train length high level platforms to short low level platforms in the '50's due to vandalism.  The picture of the signal you had taken in the Jamaica to Atlantic segment is where the southbound/eastbound platform of Brooklyn Manor station ended."

This is the view of the eastern spur of the RR ROW.  The ROW is elevated in this area.  Fences prevent easy access to the ROW from the dead-end streets.

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