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Looking North at the Jackie Robinson Parkway from the right of way.  Rail road ties and tracks are still in-tact in this area.  An abundance of brush grows in the ROW.

Continuing the walk south, the right of way is trenched in this area.  The next several crossings which include Myrtle Avenue and Forrest Park Road are bridged across the right of way.

Apartment buildings overlook this area.  The road is dead-ended at this location.

A felled utility tower.  There are a couple of utility tower that have fallen along the Rockaway Branch Line.  This particular tower looks like it snapped at it's base.  I wonder if vandals knocked-over the tower, or if Mother Nature contributed to it's fall.  I'm doubting that Mother Nature is to blame here, since most of the towers are still standing along the ROW.

Jim Guthrie, oldnyc.com contributor, provides this insight: "The PRR had a patent on the tower design, said to be 'hurricane proof' to winds of 200 mph or some such. My guess: Vandals toppled the tower".

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