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Some more residences along the ROW.  The ROW is elevated at this point, an estimated 15 to 20 feet above the residences' backyards.

Watch your step!!  Here at Yellowstone Boulevard Bridge, one wrong step and you are going to free-fall in to the traffic below.  There are no guardrails on the bridge, and you don't have the typical steel trestle that lines other bridges.  Why there isn't one here is an interesting question.  Maybe it was removed many years ago to be used for scrap metal.

Another view on top of the Yellowstone Boulevard bridge.  This view is looking east.  Again, there is no steel trestle on the other side of the bridge.

Trees and other plant life grow in between the rail road tracks.

Oldnyc.com contributor Derek Stadle provided us with this picture. "This is a 1996 picture that I took of the Yellowstone Boulevard crossing," Derek explains.

Picture courtesy of Derek Stadle.

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