OLDNYC.COM--> Virtual Tour --> Fleet Street to Yellowstone Blvd. Picture Gallery #1

Leaving Fleet Street overpass, one can see how rusty the steel bridge support is.  Look closely at where the bridge support mounts to the cement - there are some gaps between the steel and the cement.  The bridge support is starting to tear it's underpinnings from the cement.

Interesting to see how thick the railroad ties are in this location.  Even though most of the track bed has been removed from the area, the ties still appear to be fairly strong.

There are many washouts along the line.  This picture illustrates one of them.  Notice how the rails are suspended in place, and continue to keep a track spacing as if there were wooden ties underneath.

Other areas of washout.  The southbound tracks are experienced a washout, while the northbound tracks continue to have earth underneath them.

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