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A view of the ROW along the bay.  Notice that the cement walls and steel guard rails have the LIRR-type of look to them.  That's because this section of the trestle was actually part of the original LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch.

This is the split for the Far Rockaway/Rockaway Park station destinations.  The shuttle train that we are on is going to veer right and head west to Rockaway Park.  The A train would utilize these tracks (the lower track, in particular) to head to Far Rockaway, making a couple of "Beach Street" station stops along the way.

At one time, when the LIRR operated service along these lines, the Far Rockaway stations was one station that served the LIRR passengers. On October 3 1955, the Far Rockaway connecting tracks were removed, ending 86 years of loop service.  The tracks were removed because current LIRR trains are not allowed to transverse the subway ROW.  There is a big gap between the Rockaway stations, for a shopping center's parking lot takes-up residence in the area where the connecting tracks once were.

Loop service occurred when LIRR Rockaway-bound trains traveled south along the Rockaway Beach Branch, then looped northbound along the current LIRR Far Rockaway branch.  With the advent of the NYCTA takeover of the portions of the former LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch, this service ended indefinitely.  It was, at the time, a very efficient service for train routing.

Another view of the Far Rockaway connection, as the shuttle train passes the junction.

One of the "Beach" stations that line the route to Rockaway Park.  All of these stations are elevated, and they offer the classic LIRR platform feel.  Steel and concrete overhangs protect the passengers from the elements.

The Rockaway Park and Far Rockaway lines are elevated throughout the entire length of the ROW.

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