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As the subway makes it's way south, there will be another trestle crossing over the bay.  Trees and beaches are found next to the ROW.

Looking out over the bay, we see the Cross Bay Veterans Memorial Bridge.  This is an automobile/truck bridge that connects the Rockaways to the Queens mainland.

The original span was a drawbridge that was built in 1939.  The current bridge, pictured here, was built in 1970.  A causeway design type replaced the drawbridge.

The building of the original bridge would change the way people accessed the Rockaways. Unless one had a boat, the only way to access the Rockaways was via the LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch.  With the advent of the Cross Bay Parkway Bridge, residents and visitors had another transportation alternative in order to get to their destination.  As would happen time and time again throughout other areas of the, the railroad faced competition from the automobile.  The LIRR's Rockaway Beach branch was not immune from this competition.  After the bridge was constructed, more people turned to their cars in order to provide transportation to and from the Rockaways.

One of my favorite scenes from the Rockaway A train trip... a row of seemingly abandoned houses built on stilts that let the homes hover over the bay.  These homes remind us of the old times, when the Rockaways were a resort and vacation destination for New Yorkers.

One has to wonder how much longer these houses are going to stay in the bay... it looks like age and the elements are slowly getting to them.

A couple of people in their boat float in the waters of Jamaica Bay.

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