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The A train is crossing over the Rockaway Avenue trestle.  We are officially on the former LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch!

The A train goes kind of slow in this area.  The ROW is very straight, so I wonder why there is an apparent speed restrictions once the A train travels on the Rockaway Beach line.

This is the Belt Parkway crossing.  The A train crosses over the Belt Parkway.  A four-track configuration exists in this area.

A look at the southbound A train signal poles and ROW.  Fairly soon, one may begin to question whether or not they are in New York City any longer, as the train makes it's way southbound to the Rockaways.

Panning to the right, an inlet of water from the bay runs parallel to the subway ROW.  Houses with docks in the foreground indicate a boating community in this area.  We will be traveling through some very beau colic areas shortly.

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