OLDNYC.COM--> Virtual Tour --> 97th Ave. to 101 Ave. Picture Gallery #6

From the Archives of the Neil Sullivan Collection

All Photos and content represented in this gallery courtesy of Neil Sullivan.

Neil Sullivan, special contributor to OldNYC.com, shares with us these pictures of the elevated railroad viaduct in Ozone Park:

"A switch motor south of Ozone Park Station."

"Looking north at 97th Avenue.  Just beyond the shrubs is that school bus company.  The two tracks on the left went to the Atlantic Avenue line and tunnel connection. The two on the right continue to Woodhaven Station on the Rockaway line."

"A closer view of 97th Avenue area looking north."

"This used to be a substation or some other sort of electrical house for the railroad. It was on 99th Avenue, west of the railroad.  It remained practically untouched but is now gone. The whole area will now become a big supermarket."

"Looking south from 97th Avenue."

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