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Here is one of two remaining signal towers in the Ozone Park section of the branch.  This particular tower helped to serve the merging trains that emanated from the Atlantic Branch to the Rockaway Beach Line, and vice-versa.  There were several track interlocks south north of the tower that provided cross-over from the northbound and southbound tracks.  Access to the Atlantic Branch was provided by one spur, so trains had to sometimes cross four-tracks if they were heading northbound.

Jim Guthrie, frequent oldnyc.com content contributor, explains: "No train crossed more than two tracks at Ozone interlocking. The layout was such that the two center "express tracks" were straight rail toward NY. the eastbound Atlantic Branch connection became the local track into Ozone Park station; the westbound "local" track ended and crossed over with slip switches to the Atlantic branch -- crossing only two tracks."

The utility pole is part of the signal tower... a unique combination that doesn't appear often on the LIRR's train lines.

A close-up view of the signal tower.  One can still see remnants of where the lights were mounted.

A view of the signal tower looking west.  Notice the multi-row signal brace mounted on the tower.

The tower is still in very good condition.  It was built to last!

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