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Continuing our trip, we see that some sections of the southbound tracks have the rail road ties completely covered with dirt.  The rails are kept in place by ties that are buried in the ground.


A wooden retaining wall in the foreground once helped to shore-up the surrounding hill.  



A nice section of rail, ties, and third rail are found at this location.  For some reason, tress and other plant life did not grow in between the rail bed, as has been done in other locations along the route.






An old electircal tower.  These towers once held the power lines for the rail road.  This is a fairly tall tower, and closer inspection reveals that it has retained most of it's attributes such as the crossbars and wire connectors.


The electical towers lined the rail road right-of-way at the southbound location.  The towers stand above the rail road tracks when the railroad was depressed, and stood below the rail road tracks when the railroad was elevated.

The power lines have been removed.

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