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This is the Rockaway Boulevard trestle.  The IND A line is merging onto the former Rockaway Beach Branch behind the trestle.  At one time, four LIRR tracks ran across the top of the trestle.  The trestle is very wide in order to accommodate the wide Rockaway Boulevard below it.

A very large billboard is positioned on the east side of the trestle.

Another view of the Rockaway Boulevard trestle, looking northwest.

As we head south, looking up at the RR ROW, one notices lush plant life growing along the ROW.  The IND A's tracks run through this area.

Do you think?

An old electrical switch box from the LIRR Rockaway Beach Branch is found along the current IND A Rockaway route.  It reminds people that the LIRR once owned and operated a rail road on this property.

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