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This is the view of the two-track IND A Rockaway line at the point before it merges with the Rockaway Beach Branch.  Steel stanchions support the tracks above.

The IND A is almost fully merged in to the Rockaway Beach Branch at this point.  The southbound track is the only track on the steel stanchions at this point.

The IND A's steel stanchions are becoming less and less visible, as the stanchions are integrated in to the Rockaway Beach line's retaining wall.

At the end of the cement wall, the IND A is fully running on the old Rockaway Beach Branch's ROW.

"The area south of Rockaway Boulevard, right where the subway merges with the line, was a small electrified yard.  It's hard to believe that it existed right in the bowling alley parking lot", adds Oldnyc.com contributor Neil Sullivan.

The IND A's utility wires are hung along the side of ROW (those are the four black cables in the picture).

Notice anything missing?  A hint: it's something that has followed the ROW since White Pot Junction.  That's right, the LIRR utility poles are gone!!  The last time we saw them was by the Liberty Avenue overpass.  I guess the New York City Transit Authority removed them when they took over the ROW for the IND A extension to the Rockaways.

Oldnyc.com contributor Jim Guthrie adds: "Well, strictly speaking, the BMT Fulton ave El's extension to Lefferts -- it was part of the BMT system until 1956 when it was connected to the IND."

Jim also explains: "Some of the poles remained south of Liberty Avenue well into the 1970s or so. I remember some in particular around the Belt Parkway at Aqueduct, for example. South of there, they became wooden poles."

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