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A detailed view of the three-track IND A as it crosses over the Rockaway Beach Branch's Liberty Avenue trestle.

This is the point where the southbound IND A train starts to merge with the Rockaway Beach Branch.  An A train is approaching the merge on the track above.

The sale of the Rockaway Beach Branch and the portion of the Far Rockaway Branch within City Limits to the New York City Transit System occurred on  September 5, 1952.  NYCT paid the LIRR $8,500,000 for the ROW and infrastructure.

June 28th, 1956 was the official opening and IND takeover of Rockaway Beach service.

The extension of the IND A from the original Liberty Avenue line to the Rockaway Beach Branch occurs at this point. The Rockaway-bound IND A takes a turn from the main IND A line and follows these tracks as it gradually joins with the Rockaway Beach Branch.

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