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As we leave Ozone Park Station and head towards Liberty Avenue, we see that the elevated rail road structure continues along the ROW.  The tracks that lie above this structure originally supported a four track configuration in this area.

This is the signal tower that serviced the OZONE interlock tower.  During the racing season, empty trains would be stored on the express tracks between Aqueduct and OZONE.

Today, the signal tower has become somewhat of a landmark.  A giant iron spider was hoisted up to the signal tower, and hung from the tower support beams.  The steel spider has watched over the abandoned Rockaway Beach Branch for many years.  Not many of the locals that I talked to knows who put the spider up on the tower.

A closer view of the spider.  The spider has intricate details; notice the double legs and it's head!  I guess one can classify this as a work of art.  Who to give the credit to is another question all together.

This is the base of the OZONE interlock signal tower.  The tower is in remarkably good shape, and it was built to last.  There is very little rust on the steel support beams and girders.

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