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The Holland Tunnel traffic circle is fairly large in order to accommodate the several exits and the massive traffic volume that the circle handles.  Engineers and planners spruced-up the landscape inside of the traffic circle by planting trees and bushes. White pebbles add character to the circle as well.

One of many exits within the traffic circle.  The exit to the right takes the motorist to 9A.

A closer look at the exiting choices.  Think fast!

Who says Urban Planners aren't compassionate? A work of art graces the middle of the traffic circle.  I don't know what it stands for or what it is, but it's interesting to look at.

Hmmm.... Exit 2 takes one Uptown, Exit 3 takes one Downtown and Brooklyn, and Exit 4 takes one to Canal Street east.  Decisions, decisions.  Exit 1, although the sign doesn't specifically say it, can take one either uptown or downtown via West Street.

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