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Coming out of the tunnel trench, the motorist is confronted with a traffic circle.  The motorist will soon learn that he or she must be quick in their decision making processes, since a bevy of signs will be encountered, leading the motorist in several possible directions.

Please note that although the LOMEX would not have crossed the tunnel exit in this area (the LOMEX was just going to cross over the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, which we will visit in just a bit), OldNYC.com will explore the Holland Tunnel exit facility while we are in the area.

Planners were kind enough to build a pedestrian overpass at the corner of Holland Tunnel exit, so that people could safely cross over the highway without a worry.  In this picture, a view of Canal Street and 6th Avenue is in the foreground.

Still atop of the pedestrian overpass, we can see the Holland Tunnel exiting traffic, as traffic enters the traffic circle.

This is a view of the Holland Tunnel traffic circle, as motorists exit for the eastern spur of Canal Street.

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