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A view of Canal Street at the corner of Hudson Street, looking west. The LOMEX would have been positioned above the surface street at this point.  On the northeast corner of Hudson and Canal Streets is the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.  It is at this point that the LOMEX would have curved northward in order to cross-over the Holland Tunnel entrance plaza.

The Holland Tunnel entrance at Canal and Hudson Streets, looking north.

From nycroads.com: "The segment of the Lower Manhattan Expressway from the Holland Tunnel to the Williamsburg Bridge received the I-78 designation, while the spur to the Manhattan Bridge received the I-478 designation."

Just beyond the entrance of the Holland Tunnel, Canal Street makes its way east, cutting across lower Manhattan until the street's terminus at the Manhattan Bridge.

This is the exit of the Holland Tunnel, with Manhattan-bound vechicles coming from New Jersey.  Canal Street is to the left of the trench; a large building is to the right of the trench.

This is the intersection of Canal Street and 6th Avenue. According to nycroads.com, Exit 2 off of the LOMEX was to serve Sixth Avenue.

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