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Leaving SoHo, we come to another neighborhood in Manhattan - that of Little Italy.  Here we see the world-famous Umberto's Clam House, located on Broome and Mulberry Street on the northeast corner.  We now know by know that whenever we see the word "north" describing a location along Broome Street, we are fully aware that had LOMEX been built, these buildings would have perished.  Umberto's Clam House may have had to have been serving their clams at another location had LOMEX been built.

Mulberry Street, looking south.  The heart of Little Italy.

One block to the east is Mott Street - The heart of Chinatown.  It's amazing how the neighborhoods transform themselves to take on entirely different characteristics in such a small geographical area.

Just past Elizabeth Street, we approach the Bowery.  Motorists would have had the option at this point to take Exit 3, which would have been the spur to the Manhattan Bridge and Canal Street.  The I-78 mainline would have continued to the Williamsburg Bridge.

From nycroads.com: "Near Elizabeth Street, there would be included an elevated spur to the Manhattan Bridge. This spur would cross the Third Avenue Elevated Rapid Transit structure (which was removed later in 1955) and parallel it along the Bowery, widened on the east side between Delancey Street and Canal Street. It would then turn southeastward to connect directly with both decks of the Manhattan Bridge."  Also from nycroads.com: "the spur to the Manhattan Bridge received the I-478 designation."

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