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Southern portion of Broome Street, looking west.

It's interesting to note that while some of the buildings had fire escapes, others did not.  Maybe the height of the building had something to do whether or not a building had to have fire escapes.

On the southeast corner of Mercer Street and Broome Street, one finds this majestic building, as it towers in to the air.  This is by far the tallest building in the area.  Notice the huge pillars that support the building.  The floors in between the building are quite large as well.  The fire escape climbs all the way up the side of the building.

This building would have been spared for the construction of the LOMEX.  The elevated highway would have run past it.

Maybe this huge building is the reason why highway engineers planned to build the elevated expressway north of Broome Street, rather than south of Broome Street.

This is the elevated Gowanus Expressway in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  SoHo residents and businesses would have had to look at a highway viaduct such as this, had the elevated LOMEX been built.  Interesting to note that the LOMEX would have been larger then the Gowanus Expressway, since the LOMEX was designed to accommodate eight lanes of traffic, as compared to the Gowanus's accommodation of six lanes of traffic.

SoHo would have a far different look and feel had the LOMEX been built.

A view of Broome Street and Broadway, on the southeast corner.  Apparently, every corner on Broome Street had a exquisitely styled building that was totally different from any other building around it.  This red brick building is no exception.

Another graceful building could be found on Broome Street.  This building would have overlooked the LOMEX, as it resides on the south side of Broome Street.

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