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Greene Street, looking north.

Greene Street is an interesting street to walk down because one sees an abundant amount of restored buildings.  Many of these buildings are freshly painted, and their brick facades have been scrubbed clean.

Another view of the corner of Broome and Greene Streets.  A majority of these buildings would have had to have been razed for highway construction.

If LOMEX had been built, the expressway would have provided the neighborhood with these amenities: "The underside of the structure would allow surface streets to pass under, and accommodate a parking mall with a 48-foot-wide roadway and 12-foot-wise sidewalks on either side.  The parking mall was to accommodate 1400 cars." - from nycroads.com.  What a selling point!!

The parking lot under the Gowanus Expressway in Sunset Park, Brooklyn services the cars pretty well, but one has to ask - "where are all of the people?".  Unfortunately, elevated expressways do not foster a quality community life underneath their viaducts.  I don't think you would see all of the boutiques and specialty shops that are along the south side of Broome Street today had the LOMEX been built.  When standing under the Gowanus, the booming noise of trucks and cars overhead is deafening. Even during broad daylight, the area under the viaduct is perpetually dark.  The LOMEX would have had a blighting affect on the surrounding neighborhood.

A view of Greene Street, looking south.

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