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A construction crew works on one of the buildings in SoHo... continuing the restoration efforts that pervades many of the buildings in the area.

A view of one of the many buildings that are found in SoHo.  Look closely at the pillars in between the windows.  They look sort of Romanesque.

Many of the streets off of Broome Street feature cobble-stone surfaces.  The streets are relatively narrow, but their narrowness adds charm to the area.  Boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants are found along these quaint streets.

Broome Street, looking west.  "henro" would not have been able to hang their sign had the LOMEX been built.  This building, and the other buildings that line the sidewalk, would have been razed for the LOMEX.

Inside a food store - one of the many stores that line Broome Street.  Examining at the architectural details inside of this building, it is apparent why SoHo community groups in the mid-1960's fought so hard to have the LOMEX killed.  After the highway's defeat, many of these buildings became designated landmarks, and they are now protected.

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