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Broome Street, between West Broadway and Wooster Street, looking east.

Like many other neighborhoods in New York City, the area where the LOMEX was to run through has experienced a renewed growth and revitalization.  Many of these old buildings were converted in to loft space and art galleries by artists and the entertainment community.  Since many of these old buildings were once factories, they offer a lot of floor space that artists were looking to utilize in order to display their work.  After the artists moved in, their art galleries drew people from all over the city and the world.  Soon after, the area became very fashionable for its provocative environment.  Businesses, sensing the trend that people were gravitating to the area, set up new stores that incorporated many of the buildings fine architectural details in to their shops.  The area South of Houston Street had a new nickname: SoHo.  The image that SoHo generates is one of fashion, art, and the establishment of new trends.  The buildings of SoHo help to create this environment.

A building on the corner of Broome and Greene Streets.  The building's first floor tenants is home to the Water Works company.  This company sells plumbing fixtures and decorative ornaments for homes and businesses.

Since this building resides on the south side of Broome Street, the LOMEX would have passed by it.  The large windows would have provided the building's residents a grand view of the elevated expressway, though I am sure much to the dislike of all those who would have gazed upon the structure.

Inside the Water Works company.  The decorative pillar extends to support the ceiling.  The ceiling is also decorated with images of little flowers.  The ceramic tile on the wall extends to the ceiling as well.  These rooms are large and spacious, and the white paint coupled with the large windows helps the room attain an airy quality to it.  These buildings are awe inspiring.

Outside of the Water Works building.

Notice the metal and glass stairs and porch.  These raised glass bubbles that made up the stairs and porch are very unique to some of the buildings in this area.  Also notice the large pillars and beautiful wooden doors at the entrance of the building.  During the buildings construction, architects rely had a sense of detail and beauty as these majestic buildings came in to being.

Northwest corner of Broome and Greene Streets, looking west.

The brick building is architecturally different from the Water Works company building, but they share a similarity in that both buildings have large windows.  This building, as well as the large red brick building on the northeast corner of Greene Street, would have been knocked-down in order to make way for the LOMEX.

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