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Varick and Broome Streets, southeast corner.  Watts Street is located in between the three-story building and the high-rise building.

According to nycroads.com: "East of the Holland Tunnel, the widened right-of-way would follow the north side of Watts Street, continuing as an elevated eight-lane route along the north side of Broome Street."  With this in mind, engineers would have had two options: demolish the buildings, or build the elevated highway over the buildings.  Most likely, the buildings probably would have been demolished in order to make way for the highway.

Standing at 6th Avenue between Broome and Watts Streets, viewing the southwest corner of Broome Street.  This particular building would have posed a challenge for highway engineers, due to the size.  The building surely would have met it's demise had the LOMEX been built.  The high-rise building to the left of the picture probably would have been salvaged, since it stands south of Watts Street.

Nycroads.com tells us that Exit 2 off of the LOMEX would have been the Sixth Avenue exit.

This group of buildings reside on 6th Avenue and Broome Street on the northeast corner.  These buildings might have been spared, depending on the alignment of the eight lane elevated highway.  The highway, as noted, was to be positioned north of Watts Street in this area.  However, depending on where the Holland Tunnel/LOMEX and 6th Avenue interchange was built, the land required for such a massive interchange may have resulted in these buildings being torn down.

A large building on the southeast corner of 6th Avenue and Broome Street occupies quite a bit of real estate.  Watts Street is one short block south of Broome Street at this location.  Again, looking at the proposed alignment for the LOMEX, these buildings would surely have been razed in order to accommodate the LOMEX right-of-way.

Walking east along Broome Street, we see that Watts and Broome Streets are coming together at this location.  Broome and Watts Streets merge together at West Broadway.

This picture shows that these buildings would have definitely been demolished in order to accommodate an eight-lane roadway of the elevated highway viaduct.

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