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Following the I-78 LOMEX alignment, we come to the corner of Broome and Chrystie Streets.  Broome Street is bisected by Sara D. Roosevelt Park.  At this section of the park, a recessed asphalt playground exists.  Was this park supposed to be part of the LOMEX?  Steve Anderson's nycroads.com site explains: "One small portion of the Lower Manhattan Expressway was actually constructed.  The approach ("undercrossing") to the expressway at Chrystie and Broome Streets was built in 1962 at a cost of $941,000.  The rationale for the construction of this 80-foot-by-80-foot segment was pre-emptive: otherwise, the subway would have to be dug up again to accommodate road construction."

The area of the former LOMEX construction is now home to Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

Broome Street, looking west.

As we leave the park and continue along Broome Street, we see that Broome Street is significantly narrow in this area.  It's basically a one-way road that services one lane of traffic, with parking accommodations on the side of the street.

Broome Street, looking east.

Notice how the one-way traffic is now reversed: west of Chrystie Street, Broome Street traffic flow is east to west; east of Chrystie Street, Broome Street traffic flow is west to east.

The buildings on the north side of the street (to the left of the picture) would have been demolished for the LOMEX.

Allen Street and Broome Street, looking south at Allen Street.  Allen Street is a large street with a divided median that carries traffic north/south.

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