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Looking east up Main Street.  The railroad twists and turns as it makes its way along Main Street.  The tracks terminated at the white building on the corner of Main and Water Streets (the building located right behind the cars parked on the left-hand side of the street).

A fancy restaurant resides on the corner of Plymouth Street and Dock Street.

The cantilevered Brooklyn-Queens expressway is found at the eastern terminus of Dock Street.

The Plymouth Street entrance to Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park.  This park used to be the yards that once contained the Jay Street Terminal facility.  Jay Street Terminal had two facilities: one by the Con Edison plant just north of the Manhattan Bridge, and one just north of the Brooklyn Bridge (where this picture was taken).

A "new" downtown Manhattan skyline is seen in the distance.

For historical information pertaining to the Brooklyn Bridge, visit Steve Andersen's nycroads.com site.

This old building was a factory that was served by the Jay Street Terminal.  Even though this building appears to be one large building, firewalls separate space inside of the building.

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