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Closer to the river, several large buildings flank the narrow street.  These pictures were taken Sunday morning, hence the apparent inactivity and lifelessness on the streets.  I am sure that this area is booming with activity on a weekday.

At the western end of Bridge Street resides a Con Edison power plant.  This used to be Jay Street Terminal, where the carfloats came in and railcars were offloaded to the JSCRR.  Several piers once existed in this area as well.

This area is heavily patrolled by New York City Police and a sand truck stands guard, positioned to help thwart any terrorist attack that might be attempted.

The Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the downtown Manhattan skyline can be seen from this vantage point on John Street.

An old section of lay-up track resides in this area.  Nice Mercedes!  I guess some of these artists are doing quite well for themselves! :)

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