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A view of the JSCRR trackage.  Notice how cobblestones line two-thirds of the street, and the remaining portion of the street is covered with asphalt.  Typically, this is done so that cars and trucks can enjoy somewhat of a smooth ride as they travel along the street.   Cobblestones reside under the asphalt.

An old factory, with an equally old painted advertisement. The sign at the top of the building says "Peerlux Paints".  I can't quite make out what the sign running along the side of the building says.

Another spur off of the mainline goes in to this old factory.  New concrete was poured over the old tracks.

In this picture of Plymouth Street, looking north, one can see that some of the original JSCRR trackage has been ripped-up, and asphalt has been laid-down in it's place.

At the corner of Water and Bridge Streets, we can see that this section of DUMBO, interestingly enough, has not been labeled with "landmark status" street signs (which are usually brown backgrounds with white characters).  In this area, a mix of apartment houses and factories are the predominate buildings in the area.

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