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Here is an example of how industry along the JSCRR's right-of-way utilized the line for deliveries.  This building had spur trackage that went off of the JSCRR mainline and in to the factory.  Asphalt covers the remnants of the old trackage, but a keen eye can observe that the tracks once ran in to the building.

Stepping back a bit, we can see the type of building that the JSCRR tracks run in to.  A small, low-rise building, dating back to the turn of last century, occupies the property.

An old water tower is positioned on top of the roof of one of the old factoris in the area.  A local historian that accompanied us on our tour said that this was the old Brillo plant's water tower.

A close-up view of the type of rail that was used for the JSCRR.  Notice that this rail is similair in style to trolly track rail, in that it utilizes grooved slots for the train's wheel positioning.  These rails are not the same type of rails that one would find in the New York City subway system or the Long Island Rail Road, for example.

As we continue the tour, we stumble across an old switch box that was used to control track switching at this particular divide.  Many of these switches were manualy operated, and required human intervention if there was to be a track change.

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