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A view of the eastbound BQE from the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway.  Notice how narrow the carriageway lanes are, and that there are no breakdown lanes for the expressway.  The expressway winds through Brooklyn Heights as it cuts through the neighborhood.  Vehicles in the right lane (left lane from the picture's perspective) are most likely exiting for the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn Bridge exit.  The westbound lanes of the BQE reside below the eastbound BQE carriageway, and are not visible from this view.

This view shows the westbound carriageway of the BQE.  Although designed to accommodate three lanes of carriageway, the right-most lane is painted as to allow for a breakdown lane and also to allow for merging traffic from the access ramp from the surface-level street.

A small BGS (Big Green Sign) posted on the eastbound wye of the Brooklyn Bridge directs traffic to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

A view of the cantilevered Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as seen from the East River.  The infamous Brooklyn Promenade in Brooklyn Heights hovers over the expressway.  The expressway's configuration in this area is as follows (top to bottom): Brooklyn Promenade, eastbound carriageway, westbound carriageway, surface street.

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