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A view of the cantilevered Brooklyn-Queens Expressway from Fulton Street, looking east.  According to nycroads.com, the residents of Brooklyn Heights pressured Robert Moses to construct the expressway so that it would run along the bluffs, as opposed to it running through the center of Brooklyn Heights along Hicks Street.  Since space was at a premium at this location, the cantilevered design was instituted in order to build the expressway through this particular neighborhood.

A closer view of the cantilevered BQE.  Westbound lanes (geographically south) are serviced by the lower level, and the eastbound lanes (geographically north) are serviced by the upper level of the roadway.

Where the cantilevered roadway does not pass over any streets, brick walls were built in order to provide support for the roadway.  The red bricks add to the expressway's charm, and is more pleasing to the eye than looking at a plain cement wall without a brick facade.

The BQE squeezes under the Brooklyn Bridge overpass.

The overpass carries this section of the BQE over Main Street.

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