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A view of the West Side Highway, as it passes over Trump's property.

According to the author of New York Harbor Railroads in Color Thomas Flagg, "You can see the twisted steel skeletons of two of its diagonal lighterage piers, plus the remains of a set of three float bridges at the foot of 68th and 69th Streets extended ("extended" means that those streets did not actually extend to the waterfront, but their theoretical ends are used as locators.)  These three bridges were of three completely different types, the only place in the harbor where you can find such a collection."

The mangled and collapsed piers continue to wither away in the Hudson.

The second of the two steel lighterage piers.  The pier's skeleton continues to bend and rust in the river as time marches on.

A side-view of the lighterage pier from the shore.  Fences were installed to prevent people from venturing in to these dangerous piers.  One slip of a step, and someone may find themselves in the water if they decided to walk on the pier.  This wouldn't be a smart move, and "No Trespassing" signs notify people that they aren't allowed on the piers to begin with.

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