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Another pier that is used by the City.  Interesting enough, these group of piers in this area have stood the test of time, and are being heavily utilized right up until this day.

A storage shed was built on one of the older piers in the area.

A side-view of the large storage shed, as we have crossed in to the Upper West Side.

The West Side Highway looms in the background.  This is the only part of the once elevated Miller Highway that was converted to continually service the express parkway.  South of 57th Street, the West Side Highway becomes a surface arterial with traffic lights.  This section of highway viaduct takes the motorist to the Henry Hudson Parkway further north.

For more information pertaining to the Henry Hudson Parkway, check out nycroads.com

A view of midtown and downtown Manhattan.  The Empire State Building and the World Trade Center are the two buildings that help define the boundaries.

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