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Another pier that is stripped of its surface.  In this area, the following companies once occupied these piers: Clyde Mallory Lines (piers 34-37), Lehigh Valley Railroad (pier 38), Bull Shipping Line (pier 39), Luckenbach (pier 40), D.L. & W Ferry (piers 41-43).

Many of the ferry and railroad companies utilized car floats to ship their goods from New Jersey-based ports to Manhattan's ports.

We are in the area between Houston Street and Gansevoort Street.  At one time, the Savannah Line (pier 46) Southern Pacific (piers 49-51), Shepard Steam Ships (pier 52), New York City (several small piers occupied the pier 53 area - and these piers even had streets on it! Lawson Ave., Grace Ave., Thompson Ave., Hewitt Ave., Loew Ave., and Bloomfield Ave. all once resided in this area.  If I recall, while riding along the new West Side Highway bike trail, I saw a sign for Bloomfield Ave.  I wonder if this street is the only remaining street in this area?).  Pier 54 and pier 55 were occupied by the Cunard White Star Line.  One may remember that the White Star Line was the company that owned the Titanic.  The Titanic was bound for New York City - it may have very well been bound for this port, or maybe one of the company's other ports closer to midtown (ports 86 and 90).

Another pier with just the piles remaining.

This pier has a large building a top of it.  The pier was recently rebuilt, utilizing cement rather then wood for its piles and supports.  I am not sure what this building is used for. OldNYC.com contributor Robert Smith provides us with this information regarding the building: "In the Battery to Chelsea section of your new Manhattan Hudson River Piers virtual tour, you show a building on a pier in front of the Gansevoort Destructor Plant and inquire as to its function.  This is an old Marine Transfer Station which was originally used to transfer garbage from trucks onto barges for transport.  It was built circa 1950 and closed in the early 90's due to advanced deterioration of its steel columns.  The columns have been recently repaired (in the last 3 years or thereabouts) but it is no longer used for garbage transfer."

This pier is now used by the New York City Fire Department.  The bright red and white fireboat is still being used in daily service.

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