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Notice the intricate rivet work that was done along the viaduct.  The fence has some intricate designs within it, and the stanchions and support beams have interesting designs as well.  It looks like the stanchion in this area is aging a little bit, as rust culminates on it's surface.  Also, the gap between the two fences and girders seems to have increased a bit.

A close-up view of the gate that resided on top of the viaduct.  Diamonds and squares make up the "artwork" for this project.  Even when building viaducts, engineers and architects of yesteryear cared about the appearance of their finished work.

This trestle carries the High Line over West 33rd Street.  A large billboard is mounted on the west side of the trestle.  West Side Yard takes up three city blocks - as it resides between West 30th Street and West 33rd Street.  This is a view looking north.

A view underneath the viaduct, as it runs the length of 12th Avenue between West 30th Street and West 33rd Street.  This is the entrance off of West 33rd Street to the West Side Yard parking lot.  The LIRR installed high-powered lights under the viaduct in order to light the area at night.

A view of the viaduct as it starts to descend to ground level as it makes its turn northeasterly.

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