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The High Line is situated west of the LIRR West Side Yard, and east of 12th Avenue.  This road is used for railroad personnel, as it connects 12th Avenue to the parking spaces for railroad yard employees.

The High Line curves around the outer parameter of West Side Yard, as it makes its way north.  Railroad employees park their vehicles under the viaduct.

The High Line is located at the very western edge of Manhattan Island.  12th Avenue, a greenway, and the Hudson River is all that separates the High Line from New Jersey.  12th Avenue has recently been rebuilt in this area.

WARNING!  Looks like the LIRR does not want any urban explorers to trespass on their property, as illustrated by this sign.  I will do my best to abide by all of the rules posted.

The High Line viaduct as it runs parallel to 12th Avenue.

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