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The viaduct as it curves northwest.  Notice how the engineers left some extra ROW space in front of where the line starts to curve.  I wonder if this was done so that the ROW could be extended to points west.

A view looking east along West 31st street, between 11th and 12th Avenue.

The viaduct is constructed of steel at this point.  Notice the large support stanchions that keep the viaduct elevated.  If the city was to ever build any one of the proposed buildings on this site, the High Line would be razed in this area in order to make way for the new building.

The High Line is positioned to the east of 12th Avenue after it finishes making the turn from the east.  The viaduct will continue to run parallel to 12th Avenue until it turns to the east before it comes to West 34th Street.

Notice the old-style streetlights that were installed along 12th Avenue at this location.  Old timers will remember that the Westway expressway was to be built along this route.  That project was killed in the 1980's under the Kotch administration due to various environmental concerns.

A view of 12th Avenue, looking north.  It certainly was a quite day in Manhattan on New Year's Day - not much traffic out there!

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