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Along the north side of West 30th Street, the viaduct hovers high above a parking lot.  The viaduct will continue making its way west, running along side the southern edge of the Long Island Railroad yards, before it makes a turn to the north.

A view of the Long Island Railroad yard, known as "West Side Yard".  West Side Yard has been in the news as of late, as local politicians envision grand plans of a new stadium for several local professional teams, including the New York Jets football organization and the New York Yankees baseball organization.  Other dreams include building a large Olympic-sized stadium for the Summer Olympics 2012 that the city may be bidding for.  Now there has been talk about a possible extension of the Jacob Javits Convention Center over the yards. Construction of a new Madison Square Garden above the site is also a possibility.   A lot of talk, but not much action.  All of these projects should cost the city taxpayer a lot of money, but this is rarely discussed when such visions are articulated.  "Build it and they will pay" should be the new slogan for these dreams!

Another view of the West Side Yard.  A Long Island Railroad train is parked in the yard.  All of the grand plans mentioned previously would be built above the railroad yards.

A Greyhound bus parking lot stores a fair amount of parked busses.  The bus parking lot is positioned north of the High Line, south of West Side Yard.

The trestle viaduct takes on a different appearance as it makes it's turn northwest in order to position the ROW around the parameter of West Side Yard.  City dump trucks are outfitted with snow plows in order to combat the rough storm that the city experienced a couple of days before.

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