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The High Line has a spur route that crosses over 10th Avenue at West 30th Street.  The spur route was designed to link the High Line mainline with the U.S. Postal Service Distribution Center.  The double-track layout allowed for trains to leave and enter the spur and building at the same time.  The Post Office used the freight train line for mail transport.

The old trestle now serves duty for the New York City Department of Transportation, as directional signs and Prohibited Flammable Material signs grace the trestle.

A view of  the viaduct from West 30th Street, looking west.  The viaduct is quite large in this area.  It was designed to accommodate the gradual turn that the ROW takes as it goes from the Post Office building, located on the southeast corner of West 30th Street and 10th Avenue, to the railroad ROW, located at a position north of West 30th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues.

A view of the viaduct, looking south along 10th Avenue.  The ROW portal openings of the post office have been sealed-up.

Looking at the viaduct east on West 30th Street.  A large billboard resides on the 10th Avenue side of the trestle, and billboard mounting brackets exist on the West 30th Street side of the trestle.  Notice the thick iron gate that lines the trestle edge in this area.  The gate appears to be thicker in composition then the other gates that reside on top of the other trestles along the ROW.  Steel beams are mounted along the perimeter of the sidewalks, which help to support the structure.

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