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A view of the West 28th Street trestle and viaduct, looking north.  Low-rise buildings due not occupy an area underneath the viaduct at this area. A fenced-off parking lot is situated below the viaduct at this point.

Notice how the trestle at West 29th Street is angled in relation to the street.  This was done so that the railroad ROW would meet up with the section of viaduct that runs along West 30th Street.  The angle enables the ROW to turn slightly west, allowing for a smooth turn once the viaduct reaches West 30th Street.

A closer look at the section where the trestle and viaduct meet.  A low-rise building appears to have been constructed after the High Line was built, as the building form fits its way around the base of the trestle.

10th Avenue and West 29th Street, looking north.  The large trestle that spans 10th Avenue and West 30th Street is actually a spur route from the mainline of the High Line.  The spur route connects the mainline of the High Line, which is positioned west of 10th Avenue, to the U.S. Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center,  which is located on 10th Avenue and West 30th Street on the southeast corner.

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