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Notice that the railroad viaduct gets smaller after the ROW passes over the West 26th Street trestle.  The larger trestle ROW was built wide-enough to allow for a siding.  Between West 25th Street and West 26th Street stood the former R.C. Williams and Company building, which was a grocery warehouse.  The warehouse had a private siding along the High Line in order to allow for freight train deliveries.

This is the West 27th Street trestle.  A cat walk was set up in order to help workers maintain a billboard.  Low-rise commercial buildings were constructed under the viaduct at this location.

"Central", as in New York Central railroad?  Could be... I don't know if this sign was painted during the time when the New York Central operated the High Line, or if it was painted by some enterprising business.  In any event, this is the only painted sign that resides on the trestle along the right of way.

The West 28th Street trestle has a rather large clearing under the trestle in order to accommodate the wide sidewalk.  The area is full of industrial buildings, and there are very few, if any, residential apartment buildings on West 28th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues.

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